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  • Olive trees live to be 2,000 years old, less than half the age of the oldest Bristlecones!

    Wheeler Peak
  • In 1964 a 4,844 year old Bristlecone was found in the Humboldt National Forest on Wheeler Peak in Nevada.  Soon after its discovery it was cut down by a geology student. He was studying the dates of glacial features in the area. He did so by taking core samples from trees or extracting a thin cross section of the tree to count the rings to determine their age. When testing this tree the coring tool became stuck inside. He received permission to cut the tree down to retrieve the tool. He had just destroyed the oldest living tree - the oldest living thing - on earth! Rocky Mountains
  • Colorado's oldest Bristlecone pine is now over 2,450 years old. It is part of an isolated stand in the Mosquito Mountains south of Hoosier Pass near Fairplay, Colorado.
  • The Bristlecone pine tree is native to the western United States. It grows primarily at timberline. According to Tom Jenkins the Bristlecone is "Slow to grow and slow to die, the adjustment of the Bristlecone to its adverse environment of ravaging wind, limited moisture, eroded soil, sparse foliage, and short growing season is near miraculous.  The irony is that this foreboding environment is what keeps the trees alive."
    Bristlecone Pine Distribution Map
  • The Bristlecone survives throughout the millennia due to the slow growth rate imposed upon it by its harsh environment.  It is because of its ability to remain flexible and adapt to its environment that the Bristlecone is the oldest living organism on earth! 

Just like the Bristlecone pine tree, Bristlecone Marketing Services Inc. takes pride in our flexibility and adaptability. Now celebrating our 31st year, we too know how to survive, grow, and prosper.

We can help you to grow and prosper as well!

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