Bristlecone Marketing


Prospect Development

We can assist you in identifying, qualifying and developing prospects who are ready to do business with you.  We can set the appointment for you if you would like or we can develop your qualified prospects interest and turn them over to you for telephone follow up!  


We can assist you with research instrument design, data acquisition, tabulation, cross tabulation, and analysis of a wide variety of  research campaigns.  We have experience in:  establishing baselines/benchmarks; determining campaign impact;  determining viability or feasibility;  opinion, attitude, or awareness surveys; economic or demographic analysis; resource use evaluations; and political polling.

Direct Mail Programs

We can assist you in all phases of your direct mail campaign:  targeting the direct mail list; designing your direct mail piece; printing your direct mail piece; folding, inserting, labeling, applying postage, sorting, bundling, and delivering to the post office.

Database Marketing

We can assist you in developing demographic profiles of the businesses or consumers who are most likely to want to do business with you.  We can base these demographic models on the characteristics of your existing clients or we can establish models based on carefully considered demographic criteria if you have a new business or want to penetrate new market segments.  We can then acquire, set up, and manage your well defined database to maximize the potential development of new clients for your business.

Internet Marketing

We can assist you in integrating an  internet marketing program into your overall marketing strategy.  Emailing links to your well designed web site to properly identified and qualified prospects can be a very effective component of your over-all marketing mix.



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